G.F.G.S. Made in Kamo, Niigata. Pure Organic Cotton 100%

G.F.G.S is a factory brand which produces cut and sewn everyday casual made from 100% organic cotton produced locally in our factory located in Kamo City, Niigata. The Chuetsu region of Niigata, where Kamo city is located, is one of Japan’s leading producers of knit fabric. Our experienced artisans work diligently every day to bring you the highest quality clothing available on the market today.
G.F.G.S.が「町内生産」と言えるほどの距離感で近隣の工場さんと協業してつくる「完全受注生産」のオリジナルのボーダーカットソーが、ORDER BORDER(オーダーボーダー)です。ボディタイプ、袖丈、ボーダー幅、カラーを選んで注文いただいてから工場で生地の編み立てを始めます。個人のお客さま、小売店さまに関わらず、一着からご対応しています。
We collaborate with other local factories in a sort of ‘‘town production’’ to keep prices down and help boost the local economy. You can also produce your own original border shirt called ‘‘ORDER BORDER’’. It is for ‘‘Custom made orders only’’.You can customize the body style, sleeve length, width of border and or the color of your garment. The fabric is woven in the factories after the order is received.
職人さんたちにお客さまからのオーダーを”一つ一つ”伝える”一日一日”を積み重ねて出来上がる”一着一着”が “一人一人”の愛着ある定番になっていく。

G.F.G.S.=Good Feel, Good Style.
Our team produces shirts on a one to one basis, and order to order to ensure the highest standard of skill and attention goes into our products.

G.F.G.S.=Good Feel, Good Style.
Innovation and Inspiration is our passion.